Trading Card Game

Please have your decklist  ready when you arrive for League Challenges and League Cups.
TCG Formats
League Challenge Prizes

League Cup Prizes

  1. Mar.
    League Challenge- Expanded - Best of 1
    Sunday - Registration: 12pm-12:30pm
    SAMURAI COMICS WEST - 6808 N. Dysart Rd. –Glendale Cost: Members of this League $2.25/Non-Members $5.25 (.25 Cash discount)
  2. FEB.
    League Challenge- EXPANDED - Best of 1
    SUNDAY- Registration: 12:30pm-1pm
    FUNKATRONIC REX - 1343 E. Northern Ave. –Phoenix Cost: Members of this League $2.25/Non-Members $5.25 (.25 Cash discount)
  3. Feb.
    League Challenge- Standard (By Mike K.)
    TUESDAY - Registration: 5:30pm-6:15pm
    PETER PIPER PIZZA –NE corner Gilbert Rd. & Baseline – Gilbert Cost: Members of this League $2.25/Non-Members $5.25 (.25 Cash discount)
  4. Mar.
    League Cup - Standard- Best 2 of 3
    SATURDAY- Registration: 10am-10:45am
    DESERT SKY GAMES -- 3875 W Ray Rd– Chandler Entry Fee: $15.50/15.00 (.50 cash discount) **We will also be starting "Pack Battles" at 1pm, Guardians Rising or Ultra Prism packsl*
  5. Apr.
    League Cup - Expanded- Best of 1
    SUNDAY- Registration: 10am-10:45am
    SAMURAI COMICS WEST - 6808 N. Dysart Rd. –Glendale Entry Fee: $15.50/15.00 (.50 cash discount)
at all events
4 player events
 Booster pack: TBD

Cost:  $5.25/$5.00 ($.25 cash discount) 

  • You will receive 1 sealed booster pack to build a 10 card deck including energy. We will supply the energy cards.
  • Round Robin
  • You will have 10 minutes to build your deck.
  • Players may use the "Mutant Rule" to evolve pokemon. Example: Charmander into Quilava into Blaziken.
  • If a player has no card to draw for their turn, you shuffle your discard pile and that is now your deck to draw from.
  • If a perpetual loop is going on ie: do 10 damage heal 10 damage or equivalent, the game is ended by a high dice roll.
  • The winner at the end gets 1 Booster pack.

Important Information
ALL League Challenges and League Cups

ALL players must be in the registration line NO LATER THAN THE END of the Registration time listed above with your decklist filled out and your deck must be in decklist order.
 If you arrive later or get in line later than this time, you may receive a first round loss or denied entry to the event. Don't be late!