Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Format?
    A format outlines the expansion or Pokemon restrictions the players will need to adhere to in order to compete. For example, in TCG events are typically either standard or expanded, in VG events they use the VGC rules.
  2. Which Pokémon games can I use to compete with in a VG event?
    Please click the button below to get the current information on which Pokémon games are permitted for playing in the event.
  3. I'm new to the game. Where can I learn how to play in the TCG or VG events?
    Any of the league leaders at our leagues would be happy to get you started. Learn how to play online, too!
  4. What’s the difference between TCG and VG?
    TCG stands for the Trading Card Game, and VG stands for the Video Game. Many different players prefer to play whichever type of game they are most comfortable with, and some play in both casually and competitively.
  5. What are Age Divisions and how do I know which one I fit into?
    Age Divisions are determined by the year in which competitors were born in. It also decides which group of your fellow Pokemon Trainers you will be primarily competing against at events. The Age Division breakdown is as follows: Juniors (born 2007 or later) Seniors (born in 2003, 2004, 2005, or 2006) Masters (born in 2002 or earlier)
  6. Where do I get a player ID?
    Each player is assigned a Play! Pokémon Identification Number (Player ID) that is used to track that player's tournament play and League participation and to identify them in our system. Players must have this number with them whenever they attend a Play! Pokémon event. If you don't already have a Player ID, the organizer of your next Play! Pokémon event will give you one. Please feel free to email us at to request a Player ID. You can also get a Player ID online if you already have a Pokémon Trainer Club account.
  7. I have a trainer club account but I can’t find my Player ID, where would it be?
    After you log into your account on, please click on My Play! Pokemon Page located on the left side menu bar. Once the page changes, you will see your Player ID.
  8. How long is the event?
    Each event varies in time depending on the amount of players entered into the event, possibility of a top cut, format, etc.
  9. What are "Kickers"?
    Additional Championship Points will be awarded at an event if age division attendance meets a certain threshold, known as the Kicker. The number of points awarded to an individual player does not change, but if the Kicker is reached, points are awarded to more players. (For example: If an age division has at least 8 players, the 3rd- and 4th-place finishers get points. If an age division has at least 32 players, the 5th- through 8th-place finishers get points.)
  10. What are Championship Points?
    Players are awarded Championship Points based on their finish position or placement at individual events. Championship Points are needed to qualify for some high-level events, including the annual Pokémon World Championships. Note that TCG Championship Points and VG Championship Points are considered separate and cannot be used across event types. Get details on Pokémon TCG or Video Game Championship Points for the current season.
  11. A new expansion/promo card just came out, why can’t I use it in tournaments?
    Cards from each new expansion will become legal on the third Friday of the same month the expansion was released. Additionally, promo cards such as those found in Pokémon TCG Boxes and Collections will be legal on the first or third Friday of the month after the product is released.Please check for specific products and their release dates.
  12. If my friends and family come where do they pay to enter?
    Spectators for all of our events are welcome to come in free of charge, but please understand that seating is given to participants first.
  13. What is a Decklist/Teamsheet and Do I need to complete one?
    Yes, all of our TCG events in both Standard and Expanded format will require you to fill out a Decklist which can be found here. Decklists and VG Team Sheets are a paper entry of a players entire deck (TCG) or Pokémon Team (VG). These are collected in order to protect the integrity of the game and cannot be changed after they have been turned in or checked by a judge. Please check the details of the event for more information.
  14. Do you have 3ds charging stations available at the events?
    For our VG events there will always be a place to change your 3DS (space permitting) but players are responsible for bringing their own charger and ensuring their 3DS is charged throughout the event.
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