League Cup
*Each event may have different prizes and a different entry fee. Please see prizes below.

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* Open to ALL players – Play in as many as you can!

​Participants will receive 2 Play! Points just for playing!

* Three Age Divisions: 
Juniors-(10 and under)

        Placement               Points               Kicker (# of participants)
                      1                             50                           0
                      2                             40                           0
                      3–4                         32                           0
                      5–8                         25                           24
                      9–16                       20                           48
                     17–32                      16                          100
                     33–64                      13                          200
                                                  Point totals subject to change.
                          Best Finish Limit: 2 per quarter, shared with League Challenge*
                                  First Place will also receive a League Cup playmat.

   For the purpose of Best Finish Limits, League Cups will be divided into four quarters:                                                     July through October 31, 2017
               November  17, 2017 through February 15, 2018
February 16, 2018 through May 17, 2018
                                            May 2018 through the end of the tournament season

  1. League
    League Cups
    **Promos to the Top 16 players -each age group Prizes for this event : Top 8 each division will receive Booster packs - Determined by age division attendance. PLUS the following: 1st Place A Playmat A promo card 50 Championship Points 2nd Place A promo card 40 Championship Points 3rd and 4th Place A promo card 30 Championship Points 5th thru 8th Place A promo card 25 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 24 or greater) 9th thru 16th Place A promo card 20 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 48 or greater) 17th thru 32nd Place 16 Championship Points (if age division attendance is 100 or greater)